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Is Your Car Damaged from an Accident?

Call Your Auto Repair Company to Fix These Auto Damages


Car accidents are common on the road. In a day, there’s bound to be an accident happening somewhere around the country. The severity of these accidents may vary, but our vehicles can only take so much of a hit. Here are the most common types of auto damage that can happen to your vehicle. Thankfully, your auto repair company should be able to rectify these for a reasonable price.


Auto Body Damage

Damage to your car’s body can be mostly external and will usually need only cosmetic repairs. Dents or scratches can be remedied with a convincing paint job to restore your vehicle to look good as new. When certain parts of it have been badly damaged, however, it might also need internal repairs.


Shattered Auto Glass

Auto glass can be replaced without any effect on the performance of your car. Cracks or shattered windows, windshields, or mirrors can be easily fixed. Just make sure that you choose high-quality auto glass for it.


Internal Engine Damage

Luckily, many car repair services specialize in engine repair, so any problems under the hood can be remedied. If that’s not feasible, rebuilding or replacing your engine is possible.


Faulty Mechanism

This is where things can get a little tricky. It takes a skilled auto repair mechanic to run complete diagnostic tests on the mechanisms in your vehicle. Once the damage is evaluated, repairs can be done, but it will take hours of work and lots of replacement parts.

Whatever problems you’re having coming out of a nasty car accident, there’s sure to be an auto repair company willing to service it for you. Luckily, we at Mitchel Fields Garage are available for car owners in the Wallingford, KY area. If you’ve gotten into an accident that wrecked your car, call us at (606) 584-2666 for repairs.


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