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Auto Transmission Problems You’ll Want to Avoid

Advice from Your Local Auto Repair Shop


Your vehicle’s transmission is arguably the spinal cord of its body. It has a myriad of components that mobilize the various parts of your car. Damage sustained to your transmission can be critical, but it shouldn’t be too late if there are problems. Your local auto repair shop should be able to get a transmission repair done quickly. Here are specific problems of your transmission that need expert attention:


Unclean Transmission Fluid

Manual vehicles especially need transmission fluid to maintain lubricated gears. This allows the mechanism to move fluidly without a hitch. Dirty transmission fluid can cause your gears to shift haphazardly. Too much fluid and it could cause them slip and slide uncontrollably. If you don’t apply the right amount and the right quality of transmission fluid, you may run the risk of vehicle failure.


Leaking Fluid

Too much fluid in your transmission can also cause some of it to leak out. As it loses fluid, the transmission’s gears can grind together furiously, resulting in serious damage.


Random Gear Shifting

As your transmission slips, unwanted gear shifting can occur during your drive. These shifts are surprising and can be very dangerous if you just brush them off. Pay attention to whirring sounds or loud engine noise. If damages are apparent when you take it into the shop, your mechanic should be able to carry out a transmission rebuild.


Delayed Shifts

When you shift between Park and Drive and it takes a moment, there could be delays in the transmission system. Your vehicle will find it hard to run up to the speed you intended, so shifting gears can cause frequent loud noises.


If you notice anything weird or wrong with your car as you drive, we recommend visiting an expert for repairs. As a trusted auto repair shop in Wallingford, KY, we at Mitchel Fields Garage can be the ones to trust. Call us at (606) 584-2666 for inquiries.


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