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3 Common Engine Problems to Trust Your Repairman With

Engine Issues Your Automotive Service Will Be Happy to Fix


Engine problems are something you shouldn’t write off if you’re a car owner. At some point in our lives, we will encounter certain engine troubles we’ll barely know what to do with. In these cases, the trusted automotive service in your area should be able to handle an engine repair. Here are three of the most common engine problems that stump car owners.


Engine Not Starting

A car engine refusing to start is a common occurrence. As soon as you turn your key and the engine clicks but doesn’t rev up, it’s usually as simple as a battery issue.


“Check Engine” Indicator Lights Up

The “Check Engine” light exists to warn you of any upcoming engine issues your car was able to detect. Things such as low gas, loose gas cap, or emission faults are usually the cause. When you’ve checked all potential causes of the warning but it still doesn’t turn off, you can bring it to your trusted automotive service for a professional evaluation.



Most often caused by a defective cooling fan or a low coolant level. Most high-end cars come with temperature gauges or a different warning light to alert you of overheating issues. It’s best to take these warnings seriously, as they could result in total engine damage if not rectified as soon as possible. When your vehicle has reached that point, however, your chosen automotive service should be able to perform a total engine rebuild.


Strict and timely maintenance of your car will always keep you away from these engine problems. When they do occur, however, you can always trust your local mechanic. We at Mitchel Fields Garage can be the professionals you need for auto repairs in Wallingford, KY. Call us now at (606) 584-2666 to ask about our services.


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